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People to Places has been serving the Royal Borough community since 1989. Our pink logo and minibuses are a staple of borough life (click here to read all about our history). We are determined to be a vital service for all who need us and, for that to happen, we need your support. As an independent charity, fundraising is a core source of funds for us. We are greatly appreciative of the support we get from organisations such as RBWM, The Louis Baylis Trust and Seiko Ltd (who are also our lovely neighbours). However, fundraising for us means we also need to turn to you, our community.


People to Places is proud to be a local charity and it is such a joy to be able to see the difference we can make on our own doorstep, the comments on our JustGiving page give you an idea of what we mean to our members and their families. We are asking you to help us take up the challenge of fundraising and spread the word of People to Places mission so we can enable any vulnerable person in the Royal Borough to get out and about and make sure they feel safe and confident to do so. Loneliness, isolation and mobility issues can affect people at any age, and we need your help to make sure we are there for anyone who needs us and we hope you have fun in the process!


When you do a fundraising challenge for us (baking, running, dressing up, singing…the list is endless!) you are helping us spread the message of People to Places and raise awareness for our charity for those who may not be familiar with us just yet. If you are stuck for ideas head to our website where you can order your free fundraising starter pack here.


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Fundraising can be done as an individual challenge or as a (socially distanced!) group activity, let your imagination run wild with ideas. Particularly in these weird times, please bear in mind all necessary covid secure measures you may need to undertake to make sure your fundraising activities are safe and secure for all taking part. Taking to social media to garner support for your efforts also helps us to reach al of those people who don’t know about us. You help us raise funds and spread to word – it’s a double win!

It’s safe to say that these are challenging times. Our inability to host fundraising events throughout 2020 means we need to lean on your support even more than usual. When you help us not only are you supporting those with mobility issues to their hospital appointments or helping them get to the shops; you are also helping our Shopmobility Windsor and Maidenhead. In addition, from the first lockdown we have made ourselves available to local, vulnerable people, offering grocery and pharmacy delivery services and a friendly phone call support service free of charge.


When you are stuck at home, isolation and loneliness can be your constant companions. Beyond our practical help, our office staff and drivers may be the only people some of our members see or speak to on a regular basis. We are more than a friendly face or voice; we can be a vital lifeline to members who need that sense of security to go out and do things that you and I take for granted.


If a fundraising challenge is a bit much at the moment, then you can donate to us directly via our just giving page here. Any and all support is greatly appreciated in these tumultuous times. Your fundraising and donations go straight back into your community. It is as simple and as wonderful as that. Your efforts will benefit people you know and people you don’t, but you all share the Royal Borough as your home.

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