Terms & Conditions

General/Dial-a-Ride/ Trips & Days Out

1.You will update us on any change in circumstance that may affect your membership and eligibility, including where you live, your condition or any mobility equipment you use.

2.People to Places reserves the right to amend or alter the conditions of membership or carriage and reserves the right to suspend access to any service at any time.

3.Membership is for a twelve month period and will cease at the end of that time unless you have renewed your membership.

4.Members will receive updates and newsletters regarding People to Places and are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote on matters and resolutions regarding the organisation.

5.In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR), People to Places does not disclose personal data to third parties.  By signing the application form you are agreeing to People to Places storing and holding your information for their own administrative purposes.

Community Transport

6.To become a user of our Community Transport service you must be a resident of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and not be able to use conventional transport alone due to the nature of your illness, disability or condition.

7.Access to our Community Transport service can be obtained through membership of Dial-a-Ride or through receipt of the Travel Assistance Payment Scheme (TAPs), for which you must not have a council issued bus pass.

8.Membership of Dial-a-Ride and receipt of TAPs are not mutually exclusive; individuals can participate in both during the same period.

9.Community Transport must be booked through our schedulers.  While we cannot guarantee that Community Transport will be available at the time you request, we will attempt to offer you an alternative, although this may not always be possible.

10.Users with mobility equipment must declare this equipment to People to Places prior to use.

11.Users must transfer to a standard seat for travel.  Users who are unable to transfer to a standard minibus seat will be secured using the appropriate occupant restraint systems.

12.Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers when the vehicle is moving.  If you have a medical exemption from wearing a seatbelt, you must present the certificate to People to Places.

13.Users of powered wheelchairs and scooters will be required to switch off equipment when embarking and disembarking any minibus.


14.A TAPs recipient must provide the necessary proof in order to be considered eligible: including Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance Certificate or payment advice book, Invalidity Care Allowance book, Certificate of Vision Impairment, Blue Badge parking permit, letter from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority if your driving licence has been revoked for medical reasons.

15.A TAPs allocation covers a twelve month period and will cease at the end of that time unless you have renewed.

16.TAPs recipients are entitled to an allocation of £100, used to offset the costs of journeys for up to 12 months.  Once the £100 allocation has been used travel can still be obtained  at a chargeable rate from People to Places for the remainder of the 12 months.

17.Use of the allocation does not extend beyond 12 months.  Any allocation remaining at the end of this will be voided.


18.To take due care and attention at all times whilst using the equipment and not to leave it unattended at any time unless it is safely parked, out of the way of pedestrians and it is immobilised with the key removed.

19.In accordance with the terms of the insurance policy, People to Places is responsible for the first part of any claim arising and this amount may be passed on to the person using the vehicle at the discretion of People to Places.

20.Not to use the equipment on public roads (except when crossing the road).

21.To be aware that the users of powered equipment do not have the legal right of way on the footpath or highway.

22.Not to use the equipment  outside of the publicised operational area, without the prior agreement of Shopmobility staff.

23.To return the equipment in good condition to Shopmobility, in a fit and clean state and no later than the advised final return time.

24.Not to overload the equipment or hang or place objects on the vehicle that may prevent its safe operation.

25.To respect the Shopmobility staff, volunteers and equipment. Our staff and equipment are not here to be abused and any abuse may lead to penalties being applied, which could include suspension from accessing the service.

26.People to Places reserve the right to refuse a loan at their discretion and may vary these terms and conditions of the scheme at any time and will notify the membership by publishing information at Shopmobility sites.

27.All users of our equipment do so at their own risk and People to Places accept no liability whatsoever, for any injury or damage suffered by any user whilst operating or using any equipment except in so far as such injury, loss or damage results directly from the failure of People to Places to keep the equipment properly maintained.

28.To advise the Shopmobility office of any changes to your personal details and any changes to your medical conditions that may affect your ability to use our equipment.

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