Mobility Scooter Hire Terms and Conditions

Hire Terms

  1. Payment must be received prior to the hire period.
  2. Stated hire price relates to the duration of hire and includes evenings, Sundays, Public Holidays.
  3. Equipment is hired on a collection and return only basis and must be returned to the collection address before the end of the hiring period during the Shopmobility office’s stated opening hours on agreed date.
  4. Return of equipment in advance of the agreed return date will not be refunded, unless agreed in advance by People to Places.  The size of any refund will be determined by People to Places.
  5. Hire of equipment is to run for the duration of the period agreed with People to Places, and will not be extended without the prior agreement of People to Places.  Any unauthorised extension will be subject to a hire charge for the additional period of use (calculated at the day hire rate per day) in addition to a penalty charge for further administrative or revenue losses incurred as a result.  These charges will accrue until a complete payment is made.
  6. Any damage to the equipment determined to have occurred during the hire period will be charged.  This additional charge will be determined by the additional costs that such repair incurs to People to Places.
  7. Any charges or damages incurred will be deducted first from the deposit.  If this does not cover the full set of damages or charges incurred then People to Places reserves the right to pursue full reimbursement from you.

Shopmobility/People to Places Responsibilities

  1. To provide the practical guidance of how to use equipment safely through the provision of a training exercise with staff, this will include a brief test to ensure that you are capable of using the equipment.
  2. To provide the written guidance of how to use equipment safely through the provision of a User Pack, which includes instructions on how to properly operate, store and charge the equipment.
  3. To inspect the equipment before the commencement of the hire period.  Equipment is regularly serviced and maintained in good condition within the relevant statutory requirements.
  4. The liability of People to Places for claims made does not extend to any unforeseeable loss caused by non-supply of equipment, unsuitability, breakdown, stoppage, or lawful repossession.  Subject to the above, People to Places will be liable for negligence or error in the performance of its obligations.

User Responsibilities

  1. The person, firm, company or other organisation hiring the equipment is considered the Hirer, and is ultimately responsible for the following:
  2. To take due care and attention at all times whilst using the equipment in accordance with the training provided by staff and the guidance pack provided to the user upon hiring.
  3. To ensure that only one person operates the equipment at any one time.  This user must not use the equipment if they exceed the recommended maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle, nor carry any passengers, whether they are adults, children, babies or pets.
  4. To take due care not to overload the equipment or hang or place objects on the vehicle that may prevent its safe operation.
  5. The Hirer accepts the legal responsibility for the use of this vehicle by unauthorised persons during the hire period.  The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that no other persons use the equipment.
  6. The Hirer is responsible for the security of the equipment during the hire period from collection to return and must ensure that the equipment is secure if left unattended.
  7. The Hirer must undertake not to sell or relinquish possession of the equipment, nor attempt to repair, alter or modify it in anyway.
  8. The Hirer will be required to make up any shortfall in funds from an insurance claim, where a lack of care, negligence or unauthorised use has been established.
  9. In accordance with the terms of the insurance policy, People to Places is responsible for the first part of any claim arising and this amount may be passed on to the person using the vehicle at the discretion of People to Places.
  10. To take due care and attention at all times whilst using the equipment and not to leave it unattended at any time unless it is safely parked, out of the way of pedestrians and it is immobilised with the key removed.
  11. Not to use the equipment on public roads (except when crossing the road).
  12. To be aware that the users of powered equipment do not have the legal right of way on the footpath or highway.
  13. Not to use the equipment  outside of the publicised operational area, without the prior agreement of Shopmobility staff.
  14. To return the equipment in good condition to Shopmobility, in a fit and clean state and no later than the advised final return time.
  15. To respect the Shopmobility staff, volunteers and equipment. Our staff and equipment are not here to be abused and any abuse may lead to penalties being applied, which could include suspension from accessing the service.
  16. People to Places reserve the right to refuse a loan at their discretion and may vary these terms and conditions of the scheme at any time and will notify the membership by publishing information at Shopmobility sites.
  17. All users of our equipment do so at their own risk and People to Places accept no liability whatsoever, for any injury or damage suffered by any user whilst operating or using any equipment except in so far as such injury, loss or damage results directly from the failure of People to Places to keep the equipment properly maintained.
  18. To advise the Shopmobility office of any changes to your personal details and any changes to your medical conditions that may affect your ability to use our equipment.