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Student Volunteering Week

Volunteering is a great way for students to expand their understanding of businesses and charities. Learning key skills to boost their CV’s and university applications. At People to Places, we were delighted to offer work experience to three BCA media students in November last year. As part of their Media Studies course, their assignment was to create a promotional film for a local enterprise or charity and People to Places was the lucky recipient of their talents! They kindly gifted the film to us, and it can be view on our website.


In current circumstances, it can be hard for students to feel motivated to pursue opportunities, let alone track them down! There are resources out there to support and inspire young people to expand their knowledge base and boost their skillset.


And remember, we must all keep ourselves and others safe. All organisations must have covid secure measures in place. It is entirely ok to double check or ask questions if you feel unsure about anything. Most importantly, never feel like you have to put yourself in a position where you feel uncomfortable. Volunteering is all about expanding your horizons and gaining new experiences and we hope this blog will help young people and students in our community to find a starting point for their volunteering adventure.


The Student Volunteering Network

This is a brilliant go-to for a variety of national and regional peer-led resources. The SVN acts as a pool for students and professionals to find volunteering opportunities, advertise networking events and develop skills hubs.



This is a great resource for volunteering opportunities in and around the Royal Borough. These are not specifically for students, but it gives you a breakdown of local charities and organisations looking for help. Remember – even if you’re not suitable for a role on offer but you feel strongly about the charity/organisation and what they do, please get in touch! They may not be able to offer you suitable opportunities right away, but if they know you are enthusiastic about working with them, they can always keep your details and get in contact when something comes up that may be a better fit for you.


Look Local

You can find opportunities for yourself in your local area and within your bubble. Here are a few ideas to start you off.


  • Look out for your family and neighbours. Think of jobs you could take off the shoulders of someone else. Find ways to show appreciation and support for frontline workers who may go past your home (a note on your door for the postman or on the bins for the waste collection team saying thank you).
  • Make connections with local residential or care homes and offer to make a phone call to residents for a chat
  • Fill up donations’ bags. If you’re making the most of the lockdown clear out, fill up any charity donation bags with the items you no longer want.
  • Hold a virtual fundraiser. Following the path of Captain Sir Tom Moore, work out how you could fundraise for your chosen charity at home



If in doubt…Google it

We may joke that this year we have ‘completed the internet’ or ‘finished Netflix’ but never underestimate the resources you have at your fingertips. It’s always easier to search for opportunities if you have an idea of what you would like to volunteer in so, start out with the resources mentioned above to narrow your search parameters. Once you know types of organisations you would like to volunteer with, you can focus on locations and positions available.