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Going the extra mile

No matter the circumstance, People to Places prides ourselves on caring for our community. Engaging with the wider community and working together is highly important. We were delighted in November to offer Thomas, George and Jack, pupils from the Berkshire College of Agriculture a placement. They needed to create a corporate video for a local charity, as part of their Level 3 UAL Media Course. Following all covid secure measures, the group was provided with 6 days across 2 weeks to film our organisation. They had access to our employees, offices and our willing members so they could see what we do for themselves. We are incredibly grateful to our wonderful members who agreed to take part. Giving a big shout out to our star interviewees Bessie and Ian. As well as our sterling featured drivers Glen and Andy and the wonderful Jan from Shopmobility Windsor. The final product will be part of the student’s final assessment and they have also gifted it to People to Places and you can view it on our website or YouTube channel à  

P2P volunteer

Caring for our community

community transport Maidenhead

Overcoming barriers

There are often barriers to young people for work experience placements, now more than ever. People to Places is pleased to offer this opportunity for them to work with us and see what we do for themselves. Thomas the editor and director said, “I have learned a lot about the charity when recording this corporate video but the main thing I have learned is the passion and the enthusiasm the People to Place’s team shows. When I walked into the building, everyone was very happy to both be there and to support the local community”. Spreading the word about People to Places and what we do is vital to our organisation. We were thrilled that the students felt our enthusiasm and were able to communicate it effectively through their footage.

Caring for our community Maidenhead

Shopmobility Maidenhead

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Supporting our community

At People to Places, we aim to not only support our users and vulnerable members of the community but reach out and connect with younger generations too. We believe it is important that all ages come together, support one another and get to know each other’s lives. Creating and developing a true community spirit. Our mission is to make sure any resident of the Royal Borough is supported in their mobility needs. We are grateful that so many of you support us in achieving this goal. You can also donate to our JustGiving page and help us to survive and thrive so we can always be here for anyone who needs us.