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Living with Covid – 5 Steps to Help Conquer the Lockdown Blues


There is no denying that it has been a difficult year (to put it mildly!). Life has become a bit of a juggling act. We need to find a path between taking all necessary precautions to keep ourselves and others safe and also living our lives to keep us sane and happy. This blog will look at 5 steps to conquer the lockdown. Giving you activities you can do at home or as part of your daily outside exercise – whichever you feel comfortable with. We want to help all our members and the wider community find ways to enjoy themselves and find a bit of peace in these tumultuous times.


People to Places is a unique resource available to you. All our drivers are following enhanced cleaning measures so you can feel confident when you use our vehicles. We are here to help you get out and about secure in the knowledge that your safety and comfort is our No.1 concern. Need to shop for essential supplies? Or go to an appointment? Then Dial-a-Ride is for you. Your P2P membership gives you access to this service that can take you safely door to door. If the activities mentioned below inspire you to try something new, then get in touch and join us today. People to Places is a great tool for our members to get out and about and we want to be there for you – now more than ever.


chair yoga

  1. Chair Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to keep you mobile and aid relaxation (I find it also helps with sleep). There are many ways to embrace yoga and a great way to start is with chair yoga. Follow the link to a guided routine and some helpful tips from the NHS on the bountiful benefits to getting mobile whilst sitting down (the best way to do exercise if you ask me). If you can’t get outside as much as you like at the moment, it might be nice to take your chair into your garden and enjoy your daily dose of well-being with nature.



library of books

  1. Learn Something New


There are plenty of free online learning platforms that you can explore. Courses are available from every discipline – Literature, Science, Creative Arts, Languages, Nature, History…the list goes on and on. Have a look at the links below and enjoy learning something new!


Laptop and sign

  1. Conquer the Internet!


Covid has made the internet and technology an even bigger part of our lives. If you are not confident using computers or the internet, fear not – you are not alone! The step-by-step guide below will help you conquer your fears and give you the confidence to use computers and navigate the internet with confidence.


Technology can unlock a whole host of groups and clubs that have moved online for the moment and it can also allow you to video call friends and family so you can see each other face to face. The lovely people at AgeUK have created a useful booklet that takes you step-by-step through how to use an android smartphone. If you have an iPhone then have a look at the pdf handout here.



  1. Make Your Own Group

If you have a passion for something, reach out and see if there’s someone you know who likes it too. Passions come in all shapes and sizes and if you find someone who shares yours why not meet up (socially distanced of course) or speak each week and compare notes/ sketches/ photos/ musings on your latest discovery? You could even use your newfound tech skills to create an online meeting! During the lockdown, I got into the habit of jotting down my thoughts on books I read and persuaded friends and family to do the same with their books and we could compare notes and swap suggestions for our next read. It’s a great way to start a book club but stealth!outside nature walk

5. Make the Most of the Countryside

In the Royal Borough, we are very lucky to have stunning scenery on our doorstep. We often take our surroundings for granted when we get used to them. Take the opportunity to stop, look and appreciate the changing seasons in your local area. What colours stand out to you? Do you notice different animals and birds making an appearance at this time of year? If you feel adventurous, hunt out new walks. Walks are a great opportunity to blast away the cobwebs and perk you up. There are a number of walking clubs and RSPB groups in the Borough and they offer lots of guidance to make the most of our walk. The East Berks RSPB group also offers a number of articles and online talks on local wildlife and nature.

If mobility holds you back from embracing the great outdoors, then look no further than our Shopmobility sites. We offer extended hire for our mobility scooters and you can find out more information about that here. Local nature spots like Cliveden (the café is still open for takeaways) and Burnham Beeches have accessible scenic routes that mean you can enjoy nature without worry.